Joe Biden’s inauguration – unity amid disunity

Joe Biden’s inauguration will be remembered for a number of historic firsts, as well as the urging of unity amidst disunity.   The Covid-19 pandemic inevitably impacted the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States.  The crowds that usually throng the Mall on such occasions were conspicuously absent, and instead almost 200,000 US flags […]

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Biden’s Inauguration: the making and breaking of tradition

Inauguration Day is as historically rooted as it is dynamic, ever reflective of the society each incoming leader exists in. As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take their oaths, the backdrop is unlike any before- one of face masks and distance, of heightened security and a loud absence of both the usual crowds and the […]


Trump inauguration: an Edinburgh student’s experience

Washington D.C. has been a city of turmoil over the last few days. On Thursday, masses of army trucks, secret service personnel, and police cars flocked to the city in preparation for the election of President Donald Trump. Trucks lined the streets, forming a secure barrier around the Capitol’s vicinity. Security checkpoints appeared on every […]