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A day in the life … of an IR student

I’m deeply envious of 14-year-old me’s ability to spend entire days staring at my computer playing video games, because I’ve been on my laptop for ten consecutive hours today in meetings and I can feel my brain melting. The day started with my first tutorial at 11am. My expectations were pretty low for attendance for […]

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At the Munich Security Conference, Biden pulls no punches

“America is back,” US President Joe Biden boldly asserted at the Munich Security Conference this February, outlining a combative but calculated attitude in dealing with America’s most militaristic adversaries.  Unlike previous presidencies, Mr Biden seemingly has no interest in a foreign policy ‘reset’ with Russia. His views are clear and uncompromising: Russia represents the “biggest […]


It’s high time the US re-evaluated its relationship with Israel

All the world’s a stage but, as the world’s hegemon, the United States are more than a mere player. After a year in which Israel’s domestic and coronavirus policy has led to significant abuses of human rights, the Biden administration must rethink their diplomatic relations and incentivise the Israeli government to change their policies. The […]