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EIFF 2022: Children of the Mist

There is a moment in Diem Ha Lee’s 2021 Documentary Children of the Mist where the camera lingers on a shot of the blossom on a tree for a while, and at that moment a sense of hesitation seems present. The camerawoman seems intent on finding, and staying close to, some mark of beauty amongst what has, […]

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EIFF 2022: Resurrection

Resurrection, a slick new thriller from second-time writer-director Andrew Semans, wastes no time in establishing its protagonist and its stakes. Rebecca Hall plays Margaret, a businesswoman at a biotech company. She lives in a fancy apartment, listens to classical music, goes for intense runs after work and invites a married colleague over for sex when […]


The Student takes on Turing: Erasmus’ new lukewarm successor

Obscured by all things pandemic, Boris Johnson’s “new dawn for Britain” and “oven-ready deal” were always bound to pass with less public attention than Brexiteers would have liked. What did not pass without attention for many current and prospective students, however, was the end of UK participation in Erasmus+ and the announcement of Erasmus’ lukewarm […]


TRI collaboration: placing the student at the centre of education

The Student is facilitating an international outreach initiative to provide an intersectional approach of psychological solutions in education. This article is by Deeksha Suresh (she/her) who works as the Academic Associate for Training and Research Initiatives, training and research psychological solutions hub led by a group of dedicated psychologists and psychotherapists, based in Bangalore, India. […]


EUID on the importance of diversity to International Development

Being part of the International Development Society (EUID), I am often asked: “International development? So what exactly do you do?” and: “Can you get me an internship with Amnesty International?” These are questions that I posed myself before venturing into knowing more. Questions that were then satisfactorily answered and an interest generated. Constitutionally, the aim […]


Around the world in 80 episodes: our pick of international TV

TV from back home, wherever home may be, can be not only entertaining, but a good way to combat the inevitable homesickness that comes with being away for a long time. Television can let you switch off, relax and immerse yourself in a world far away from your own. With that in mind, here is […]

Fringe Theatre

The Dreamer

Though at first disconcerted at the realisation that The Dreamer would be performed almost entirely in Mandarin, my apprehension barely lasted the first few minutes; the energetic physicality of the all-Chinese cast’s performance was enough to carry the audience through 70 minutes, hardly missing a single detail. Created as an international collaboration between Shanghai Dramatic […]


Scotland’s hopes of qualifying are fading fast

The halt in domestic football across Europe only meant one thing: the international break was upon us again, with Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland all in action. There was only one place to start, and that was the first competitive meeting between Scotland and England in 17 years, and the […]