Intersectionality in focus: how can feminism be more inclusive?

The theory of intersectionality is not a new one, first being coined in 1989 by civil rights activist, Kimberlé Crenshaw. However, it is one that many feminists are increasingly coming back to, because of its prevalence in today’s society. The theory of intersectionality deals with questions of how a person’s different identities can combine and […]


Deconstructing unconscious bias in the environmental crisis

Let’s paint a picture. A person exits a zero-waste store holding a jute bag that reads the slogan ‘System Change not Climate Change’, in vibrant emerald green. Sporting a rather dishevelled look, they are happily examining their newly purchased bar of chocolate made from fair-trade and farm-owned cocoa in Ghana, with no palm oil and […]


Suffragette is not representative enough

The struggle of women in the early 20th century to gain the right to vote cannot be forgotten- their courage and sacrifice is something today’s feminists owe so much of their freedom to. But Suffragette, the film released this month that follows some of the events leading to the victory, has a whitewashing problem that […]