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iPhone’s Screen Time feature: can it make any difference?

With the rapid increase of technology that has occurred just in the last decade, it comes to no surprise that we find ourselves to be living in an increasingly technology and media-dominated society. Smartphones and various other forms of technology have become staples in our everyday lives. All this development brings about the concern that we […]


Looking back at 10 years of iPhone: the smartphone revolution

Earlier this month, the iPhone turned 10 years old and, in the last decade since its unveiling, the technological landscape has changed beyond recognition. It is hard to overemphasise the importance of Apple’s smartphone brand – even though it was not, in fact, the first so-called ‘smartphone’ on the market. Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung had […]

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Apple refuses to unlock terrorist’s iPhone for FBI inquiry

Image: Tom Sodoge Apple CEO Timothy Cook says he will not be bullied into setting a “dangerous precedent”, as Apple and the US administration continue fighting over cybersecurity and homeland security. In the matter of the San Bernardino, California case, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have been unable to crack the passcode of an […]