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Poem of the week: “Begin” by Brendan Kennelly

This academic year begins just as the Fringe Festival closes for the first time in two years. Walking around the city the week before freshers – despite there being a hum of excitement in the air – there was a distinct sense that something important had ended. The grass of George Square was muddy, the […]


Normal People

The story of two teenagers falling in love and maintaining an on-off relationship over a number of years doesn’t sound particularly fresh. What’s that? Their affair bridges a class divide? Mental illness and familial abuse are amongst the issues dealt with? At first glance, the themes included within Normal People might seem interesting if a […]


Leap Year: A Love/Hate Classic?

Leap Year (2010) is categorically a bad film. I do not deny this. That said, I have a lot of thoughts about it that confuse me. I came grovelling back to this movie last weekend as it was, in fact, a leap year, so it felt fitting to re-watch a movie that even as a ten-year-old […]