Who Stands to Gain From Jeremy Hunt’s New Budget?

Jeremy Hunt has released a new budget with a focus on getting the ‘economically inactive’ back to work to help the country’s economy. One of the outcomes of his budget that has made headlines is the scrapping of the £1m cap for tax-free pension savings. Labour’s shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves criticised the budget, saying it […]


The worst Prime Minister ever? It’s all of them.

So, Farewell Then, Liz Truss.  In the days following her resignation, it felt almost beyond comprehension that a prime minister could arrive and then leave so soon. 44 days she lasted; her premiership was less than two advent calendars long. Some would say even that was too long. In the future, “Who was Prime Minister […]


Jeremy Hunt appointed Chancellor

Jeremy Hunt has been appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer by Prime Minister Liz Truss after she sacked Kwasi Kwarteng earlier today. Kwarteng had been Chancellor for just 38 days, the second shortest term a Chancellor has held.  Hunt has twice tried unsuccessfully to become Conservative leader, and has previously been both foreign secretary and health […]


The unrelenting pressure on Britain’s junior doctors

Within 10 days of the government’s confirmation of a contentious new contract for junior doctors, the General Medical Council received 3,468 requests for a certificate of current professional status – the document required to work abroad. Given the new terms outlined in this contract and the current stresses attached to the life of a junior […]