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Cult Column: Halloween, Simplicity at its Finest

Centuries ago, Albrecht Dürer remarked “Simplicity is the greatest adornment of art”. Is such a quote applicable to a film where Michael Myers traverses a leafy suburb murdering sexually active teenagers? Well, yes. It is. And forty years after the original Halloween’s release, it’s not hard to understand why.  As literally everyone knows, John Carpenter’s […]

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Much like the blank-faced masked killer that has stalked its films for four decades now, the Halloween saga is a series that just won’t die. Since the 1978 original, it has gone from a sinister, terrifying force of evil to a meandering, shambling corpse of a horror franchise. This year’s entry discards the carcasses of […]

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Cult Column: Halloween (1978)

After 40 years and over 10 follow-ups, the world keeps coming back to the night he came home. John Carpenter’s horror masterpiece Halloween has been succeeded by almost a dozen sequels, remakes and reboots now, but not one has yet achieved anywhere close to the longevity, cultural permeation and near-universal adoration the 1978 original has. […]