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Cult Column: Rio Grande

I was surprised after a recent viewing of John Ford’s Rio Grande to find that the film has a rather middling reputation, regarded as a second-tier work. It is admittedly true that he only made the film in return for being allowed to make 1952’s The Quiet Man. That film is clearly the more involved […]

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Old Movies Saved My Life

If you’re ever in the mood for something very endearing and blatantly heartfelt, go and watch Mel Byron pour her heart out on stage about all the old movies she has consumed over the years. Armed with a bamboozling knowledge of Hollywood’s Golden era (including some of its not so golden entries), Byron gleefully recalls […]


The Searchers – How the Western was Revolutionised

‘We will never come again to the Utah border – Oh, look, look so you never forget!’ In 1912 Zane Grey, a dentist from Ohio, invented the Old West. His pulp novels like Riders of the Purple Sage crystallized in the American psyche the mythos of the frontier; all courteous bank robberies and mannerly gunfights, […]