Edinburgh International Book Festival

EIBF 2022: Nadifa Mohamed, For Whom is Justice Served?

For whom was justice served on the 3rd of September, 1952? Not for a soul, Nadifa Mohamed declares in her novel The Fortune Men. Released in 2021, the book focuses on the infamous case surrounding Lily Volpert’s murder in 1952, but in her talk at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Mohamed also reveals its greater […]


Covert Human Intelligence Sources bill: accountability in the justice system

Much of the glitz regarding the James Bond franchise, only exists in the minds of Hollywood producers. But, a ‘licence to kill’ may soon become a reality in the UK, as Westminster considers new legislation allowing confidential informants working for the security services to be authorised to break the law. The Covert Human Intelligence Sources […]


England’s Youth Criminal Justice System Needs Reform

Youth criminal justice: it is beginning to seem as though England, yet again, is lagging behind. Not only behind major international bodies like the United Nations and European Union, but also other members of its own Union. And, it continues to ignore the recommendations of its own legal experts. Scotland is acting differently. In the […]