The royal smiles of colonisation as a “charm offensive”: a joint response to the royal tour to the Caribbean

This article was originally submitted on April 7. Keisha Frimpong and Victoria Gothard wrote a joint response to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal tour to the Caribbean. The Royal Smiles of Colonisation William and Kate’s trip to Jamaica was not innocent, it was motivated by power and a hunger for control over the Caribbean. […]

Fringe Music Theatre

Fringe 2022: Clara: Sex, Love and Classical Music Review

Featuring the music of Brahms, Robert Schumann and of course, the undeniably talented Clara Schumann, Clara: Sex, Love and Classical Music tells the story of the often-forgotten nineteenth-century German virtuoso pianist Clara Schumann. Using her own musical talent, comedy, and the atmosphere of the pianodrome, Elena Mazzon created an exceptional performance as Clara. Mazzon takes […]

Fringe Theatre

Fringe 2022: Activities for Daily Living Review

Written and performed by Joanna Lipari, Activities for Daily Living uses comedic and touching stories from Lipari’s past to convey her rage towards the often-overlooked older generation. This one-woman show is crucial to Fringe-goers as all ages need to be reminded that those of the older generation were once young and have lived and will […]

Festival Fringe Theatre

Fringe 2022: Head Girl- Review

Girl Next Door Theatre Company’s Head Girl is the tale of Becca, a teenage schoolgirl who has dreamed throughout her high school years to become head girl. To Becca, it is the highest status a student can achieve, but Becca’s obsession with becoming head girl has stopped her from making a life for herself out […]

Fringe Spoken Word Theatre

Fringe 2022: Dear Little Loz Review

It is amazing how Lauren-Nicole Mayes and Izzy Parriss Productions have created one of the best shows at Edinburgh Fringe using only two items: a stage block and a digestive biscuit. Dear Little Loz is a true example of how a one-woman show at Fringe should be executed.  Dear Little Loz is a semi-autobiographical play starring Lauren Nicole […]