What I’ve Learned as a Care Assistant

All names used in this article are fictional to protect identities When starting to write this I thought about what the easiest way to describe my job is. By title I am a Care Assistant, but, as with so many things, titles and labels don’t really cut the mustard. A day-in-the-life approach might be better […]

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The Student on Covid and Education

A childcare worker’s perspective on UK vaccine rollouts A couple of days ago I received a call from my supervisor to let me know that a co-worker had tested positive for Covid, a co-worker I had spent a lot of time in close contact with whilst taking care of three-year-old children daily. As expected, I […]


The Student speaks to Edinburgh students who worked as key workers

As the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic tore through the country, everybody was instructed to work from home if they could. Many workers, however, did not have this option – the nature of their jobs meant that working remotely was not possible.  Now that the nation is gripped by a second wave of the virus, The […]

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Our nation’s unsung heroes

At precisely 8pm on Thursday 26th March, the NHS was praised with a nation-wide applaud of appreciation. Members of the public, celebrities, royalty and even our trusty PM, took to the streets to celebrate the hard work of NHS staff amid the Covid-19 outbreak. In an extremely touching moment that saw young and old coming […]