Keeping Up With The Kardashians: the end of an era?

The rise and rise of the Kardashian family has been, as was always intended, well-documented. Premiering in late 2007, their eponymous show featured Juicy Couture-laden Kim and her wealthy, wannabe family in their daily disputes in the Hollywood Hills. As the series has rattled on, the family has morphed from wealthy and connected to culturally […]


Why do people care about the Kardashians?

In the top 10 ‘most liked Instagram pictures’ of all time, Kylie Jenner (the youngest of the Kardashian family) holds first, second, fifth and ninth places, with a total of 40 million likes. With this comes a shocking amount of power and influence; with just one tweet (“sooo does anyone else no open Snapchat anymore?”) […]