Echo chambers and the need for diversity of opinion

Contemplating the political divide on campus is surprisingly straightforward, namely because one does not really exist. Spending a day trotting around the University of Edinburgh, going to lectures, societies and sitting in university cafes, one would not guess we were in a Britain ruled by a Conservative government, whose population voted to leave the European […]

Fringe Interview

In conversation with Konstantin Kisin

Konstantin Kisin, once himself a student at the University of Edinburgh, sat down for a chat with The Student as he reflected on his debut Fringe show, Orwell That Ends Well, and the implications of the messages he is spreading.  The comedian made national news in December 2018 for refusing to sign a behavioural agreement […]

Comedy Fringe

Konstantin Kisin: Orwell That Ends Well

Konstantin Kisin uses his Fringe debut to give a hilarious, refreshing affirmation of the importance of free speech. The comic stormed to headlines in December 2018 for refusing to sign a behavioural agreement that would not allow him to say offensive material for a show given to students.   After conversations on breakfast television with Piers […]