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Review: Crimes of the Future

One of the first images we see in David Cronenberg’s new film Crimes of the Future is a small boy eating a plastic bin, foaming at the mouth. He does not seem to register that this is unusual, but his mother clearly feels differently: she responds by smothering him with a pillow. Opening with an […]

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Captor Audiences: Robert Pattinson and the Perils of Teen Stardom

This article was originally published in print on the 23rd March When my flatmates and I bought tickets to see Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, we were wholeheartedly expecting to leave the cinema feeling as if we had seen a new chapter of Edward Cullen’s life. Perhaps he had grown bored of being a tortured, grumpy […]

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Spencer Review

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Even though she died a little over two decades ago, Princess Diana is one of the most mythologised figures in British history. Like Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and Winston Churchill, Princess Diana is more of a symbol than a real person nowadays. Spencer attempts to grapple with the myth of Princess Diana, to […]

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Personal Shopper

We begin at night, in a haunted house with Maureen (Kristen Stewart) attempting to communicate with the spirit of her recently deceased twin brother, who has promised her a sign of reassurance from beyond. It’s a scene that, in lesser hands, could have taken on Scooby-Doo levels of silliness. Under the direction of Olivier Assayas, […]


Still Alice

Still Alice begins before its titular character’s diagnosis, but the signs of her early-onset Alzheimer’s are already noticeable. The film is straightforward and unsentimental from the onset in portraying the unrelenting effects of the disease, and its tragic inevitability makes the film brutally simple and moving. Alice (Julianne Moore) is a linguistic professor and renowned […]