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  • Nottingham murderer will not “get away” with anything

Nottingham murderer will not “get away” with anything

CW: Violence, bodily harm, mental illness

University of Edinburgh student charged with sexually assaulting a schoolgirl

A University of Edinburgh student, Benjamin Whittaker, has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a schoolgirl in a holiday let in the city of Edinburgh.

Fringe 2022: 9 Circles Review

9 Circles is a psychological thriller and character study, exploring themes of soldiers’ personal responsibility for their wartime actions, and the immorality of war itself. It follows the character of…

Defamation: why is the law changing in Scotland?

In early March 2021, all eyes were on the Scottish Parliament as Nicola Sturgeon was scrutinised for the handling of sexual harassment complaints. Amidst the headlines, it was easy to…

Victims of revenge porn take back control

CW: domestic abuse, sexual assault Victims breathe a sigh of relief as the government commits to making the threat of revenge porn a crime. The Naked Threat Campaign’s tireless efforts…

Period products: luxury to necessity

Scotland has become the first country in the world to introduce universal access to free period products. According to the bill that was passed in Holyrood on Tuesday night, November…

Covert Human Intelligence Sources bill: accountability in the justice system

Much of the glitz regarding the James Bond franchise, only exists in the minds of Hollywood producers. But, a ‘licence to kill’ may soon become a reality in the UK,…

It’s the Constitution that’s holding back America

It is commonly mistaken that the UK doesn’t have a constitution, or that it doesn’t have a written constitution. It has both. When a House of Commons bill becomes law,…