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EIBF 2022: Noam Chomsky, ‘Dissent Across the Decades’

It’s a wonder at this stage in his career that 93-year old Linguist Noam Chomsky is able to show up to any event at all, let alone engage in an hour-long discussion concerning complex topics at the behest of the paying British public, so his remote appearance at the Edinburgh Book Festival was bound to […]

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Let’s talk about prescriptivists

I learned English when I was 11. It took me about six months to pick up, really, because I moved to the United States, enrolled in a regular American school and hence had no other choice. The television was in English and my step-dad spoke English and every book in the school was written in […]

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Can language rewire the way we think?

Denis Villeneuve’s science fiction movie, Arrival, explores the possibilities of the long-standing and controversial theory that language shapes the way you think. When an alien spaceship lands on Earth, a top linguist is sent in to ask what the aliens want. The aliens use a non-linear language structure and perceive time differently to humans. As […]


U wot m8? How the internet is altering our language

Modern technology, and the impact it has on language, has been the subject of increasing debate over the past two decades. Smart phones and their associated messaging systems are a prominent part of modern interaction; a December report by Bloomberg found that eight trillion text messages were sent last year. For some, this engenders concern […]