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Female Faves List

This week, on Sunday 8th March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. An event that’s been around since the 1900’s, it commemorates women’s achievements worldwide and across all fields, whether that be science, politics, or the arts. If you’re wondering why anyone still celebrates it (rude, FYI), then the answer is this: the original aim and […]


Defining the Decade

Unsurprisingly when you google ‘biggest events of the decade’ you will be plagued with frankly terrifying articles about nuclear tensions, missing planes, political anarchy and heart-breaking stories about world poverty, inequality and environmental disaster. Such crises have been understandably at the forefront of our memories of the decade, but it’s also important for us to […]


He Named Me Malala

Malala Yousafzai is undoubtedly an incredible person; she has shown immense courage in the face of a horrifying situation and has brought international attention to the shameful state of girls’ education around the world. He Named Me Malala examines Malala’s story and particularly her relationship with her father, who had also campaigned against the Taliban […]

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Literature is Constantly in Conversation with Politics

Literature and politics are often seen to go hand-in-hand. Indeed, as any English Literature student will tell you, the historical and political context is crucial to understanding a text (and becomes a kind of laborious equation when attempting to write a passable essay). Yes, we have those concrete and seminal texts that reveal their political […]