Legal marriage age changes in England and Wales

In February 2023, a law changing the legal age of marriage to 18 came into action in England and Wales. Before, marriage was legal in all parts of the UK at the ages of 16 and 17 with parental consent, while 18 was the legal age to marry without parental consent. This new law – […]


Leap Year: A Love/Hate Classic?

Leap Year (2010) is categorically a bad film. I do not deny this. That said, I have a lot of thoughts about it that confuse me. I came grovelling back to this movie last weekend as it was, in fact, a leap year, so it felt fitting to re-watch a movie that even as a ten-year-old […]


Love is Blind

Netflix’s new reality show turned out to be a tangled mess. But it’s also brutally indicative of the way Western society currently falls in love. Or into attraction. Or marriage. And after all, television. As chaotic, unorthodox and cringeworthy Love is Blind is, it is a crystal-clear societal mirror. The show claims to be a […]


Trouble in Palace Life: Royal divorces represent a cultural change

The Royal Family has a famously bad track-record when it comes to marriage, or rather, staying married. This reputation surely won’t be helped by the announcement that Peter Phillips, the Queen’s grandson, is separating from his wife Autumn; or by the announcement later in the same week that the Earl of Snowdon, the Queen’s nephew, […]

Fringe Theatre

The Delights of Dogs and the Problems of People

There are many dog lovers out there, so the first thing that must be said to stop tongues wagging in vain is that there are no dogs in this show. No real ones anyway – they can be heard, and there is an impersonation, but no real ones. Disappointing perhaps, but this show from Rosalind […]