Walking in the Dark

CW: Sexual Assault “Don’t walk in the Meadows at night,” everyone told me. I ignored them.  Sarah Everard’s death has ricocheted around the world. From Kent, the news of her murder has spread from city to city, even country to country. I see the effects of her death everywhere. When I cross through the Meadows, […]

Comment Editorial

To all the men we’ve known before

CW: sexual assault I want to tell you what is normal for women and non-binary people. To be regularly told what we must do to ‘keep ourselves safe’. Don’t walk alone after dark, but don’t give the cab driver your actual address, don’t wear headphones, but pretend to be on the phone, always have your […]


Sex Education Season 2

The first season of Sex Education establishes the show as one which is unafraid to tackle the intricacies of teenage relationships and sexuality with a certain wit and charm, and thankfully season two is no different. Otis (Asa Butterfield), our protagonist from the first season, takes more of a back seat this time around as […]

Culture Theatre

The EUTC presents: ‘We Need to Talk’…

Content warning: Mention of sexual assault and harassment This evening of solidarity at Bedlam Theatre was an important and powerful event, organised by the Edinburgh University Theatre Company. This one hour piece of verbatim theatre recounted the stories of people across the globe and their experiences of sexual discrimination, harassment and assault. On entering the […]