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Measles has returned to haunt the United States of America

Officials have declared a public health emergency in the United States due to a measles outbreak in Washington. The rising number of cases in the state has been linked to travellers returning from Israel and Ukraine where the disease is relatively common. So far there have been 51 confirmed cases within Washington but no fatalities. […]


How to scientifically tell someone they are wrong

How should scientists approach the twenty-year-old misconception that there is a correlation between autism and vaccines? Despite vaccination rates remaining high, the contention persists on public forums like Twitter (a “flourishing” anti-vaccine sentiment was found by a recent CU Boulder study on the social media site) and was even discussed on the Republican Party debate […]

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Measles strongly linked to fatal illness, SSPE: vaccination is key

A new US study has shown that a fatal complication affecting non-vaccinated infants who get measles may be more common than we thought. Researchers from the University of California and the California Department of Public Health have found that up to one in 600 infants with measles may be affected. The condition, called Subacute sclerosing […]