Conscious Edinburgh: In conversation with Voices

Conscious Edinburgh is a student-led mental health charity at the University of Edinburgh. Their main focus to provide students with a safe-space on campus to support their mental health. The Student spoke to Co-Presidents Aiyana Tandon and Iain Choyce, and Secretary David Bourne about how lockdown is impacting student mental health and ways we can […]


“The services failed me”: investigation discovers university giving cold shoulder to vulnerable students

CW: suicide, racial violence “The funding and structure of the services failed me.” These are the words of ‘Hannah’, a current second-year student, who, in winter 2019, contacted university support services for help after her mental health significantly deteriorated. She was experiencing severe suicidal ideation as a culmination of previous complex mental health issues, the […]


World Mental Health Day in collaboration with @mentalhealthedinburgh

On the 10th of October, we celebrate World Mental Health Day. Regardless of spreading awareness of the importance of mental health, there is undoubtedly a certain stigma around it. Still, some might ignore this problem, not due to ignorance but simply due to lack of knowledge of where to start. The abundance of university work […]

Art Culture

Out of Sight, Out of Mind at Summerhall

‘Out Of Sight Out Of Mind’: a phrase often used in order to distract someone or suppress a fear or concern. The yearly exhibition of the same title held at Summer Hall, however, employs its title ironically, aiming to confront that toxic mentality and demonstrate that mental health can’t just be boxed away at your […]

Culture Literature

Can we improve our mental health by reading more?

In today’s world, many people use escapism as a means to get away from our sometimes harsh reality. Reading books is one of the most conventional forms of escapism, transferring the reader away from mundane routine to an alternate  existence. This retreat from everyday life certainly must impact our individual mental health, often for the […]



Making theatre about mental health is utterly vital within the student community. More theatre needs to be produced about it, more needs to be seen and more needs to be written. Using theatre within university as a medium to remove stigma, initiate conversation, and change perception is a thing to be celebrated. Writing this, I […]