The Lifestyle guide to uncomfortable conversations

CW: suicide, racism When was the last time you saw the effects of white privilege first-hand? Or noticed you were being treated in a certain way due to your gender? Acknowledging issues of inequality can be uncomfortable and is often left unaddressed due to stigma. This mentality has been commonplace in past years, but 2020 […]


Government policies on mental health are symptomatic of more pervasive negligence

Recent reports have shown the amount of hospital beds dedicated to patients with acute mental health conditions has fallen by 30 per cent in the last nine years, despite promises from the Conservative government to make mental health services a priority. Is this really all that surprising? Mental health continues to be the most invisible, […]


What can universities do to help students with mental illnesses?

Content Warning: Suicide  No one likes to feel forgotten. When pressure to succeed is at an all-time high and social struggles weigh heavily, are students being provided with the support systems they need to remain mentally sound?  The Guardian reports that students disclosing mental health issues in the UK has increased five fold in the […]


OCD sufferers may struggle more with coping strategies

A new study has shown that those suffering from obsessive compulsive Disorder (OCD) may struggle to cope with their diagnosis more than those with other mental illnesses. OCD is a complex psychological condition and is often characterised by two main parts: obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are persistent thoughts, urges or worries that create high levels […]


Mental illness: as long as there is shame, there is stigma

I must start this article by acknowledging and praising the progress that has been made so far towards destigmatising mental illness. Only a couple of decades ago, even uttering the words ‘mental illness’ would have been enough to shun you from society. The notion of poor mental health was barely conceptualised, and the chances of […]