Burnout: Students feel it too

In 2019, the International Classifications of Diseases in 2019 was updated with a new definition of burn-out. WHO now recognises three diagnosable symptoms: feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; feeling negative towards one’s career; and reduced professional productivity. [source] So why, in a pandemic which forced the world to a standstill, has burn-out become almost […]


Mandatory Interruptions Policy to be enacted

The University of Edinburgh has recently made progress to the implementation of a new policy regarding the support and action on students’ mental health. ‘The Mandatory Interruptions’ amendment would allow university officials and staff to essentially pull students out of their studies in severe cases where students are faced with “factors outwith their control, including disability, medical conditions, or mental ill-health.” The current Support for Student Policy gives students […]


Is our contraception affecting our mental health?

Content warning: mental illness, suicide mention. Use of hormonal contraception is a celebrated part of 21st century healthcare. Since the contraceptive pill was introduced in 1961, hormonal contraception in the UK has evolved from being accessible only to married women, to being widely available to people of all ages and relationship statuses. Choices have since […]