What does Trump’s wall mean for the right to life?

Last autumn, I thought a revolution was underway. For once social media and news broadcasts were relaying a wave of optimism: an unprecedented number of people gathered in Honduras, encouraged by a Facebook post, to head north together. In my surroundings, very few people seemed to have heard (or seen) the news about the Central […]

Culture Theatre

Hotel Juárez

Every year, the University of Edinburgh’s Hispanic Department gives students the chance to experience the rich Hispanic culture first hand, by means of putting on a performance. This year, what was offered was a cultural explosion in the guise of the play Hotel Juárez, set within the Mexican city where society is plagued with conflicts. […]

Fringe Literature

Book Fest 2015: Mexican Writing, An Insider’s View with Gabriel Orozco

Photo: Enrique Badulescu Tuesday, 18th August Chaired by Gabriel Orozco Panel: Sergio González Rodriguez and Juan Villoro Garden Theatre   2015 is the Year of Mexico in the UK, and the Book Fest is celebrating the occasion with three events covering the entire spectrum of Mexican literature. Prior to this year’s festival, Director Nick Barley […]