What effect do codes of ethics have in software development?

It seems that most professions, whether it be law or chemical engineering, have their own ethical codes. However, those fields that have seen recent developments are only now discovering their ethical boundaries. Software development seems to be part of this contingent. Earlier this year, one of the largest computing societies, the Association for Computing Machinery, […]

Science Technology

Has Brexit already impacted on the UK’s technology sector?

In a move first reported by The Financial Times, Microsoft has recently decided to close the London office of Skype. The company announced in a press release that it had “made the decision to unify some engineering positions”, putting up to 400 jobs at risk, as operations move to a new site in Paddington. Coming […]

Science Technology partners with Microsoft in attempt to make coding fun

A tutorial designed in collaboration with Microsoft and will seek to use the immensely popular sandbox game Minecraft to teach children the fundamentals of coding. Hosted on a computer science education website, the programme will be available for free with 14 levels for children to navigate through as part of the company’s Hour of Code […]