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EIBF 2022: Abdulrazak Gurnah, ‘Migration, The Story of Our Times’

Though initially intrigued but nonetheless unfamiliar with Abdulrazak Gurnah and his work, I sat mesmerised by the Nobel Prize winner for the hour he had been allotted at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. The man, with fifty years of writing behind him along with a career in academia, carried with him none of the pretensions […]


Tragedy on the Channel

On Wednesday 24th November, smugglers pushed an inflatable dinghy along the coast of northern France towards the English Channel. The migrants on the dinghy each had their own aspirations: some to be reunited with their families, some to find work, and others to find a place to study. But dreams were shattered. It was a […]


The politicised fear of migrants in Greece

On the 30th January 2020, the Greek government announced a contentious new plan to build a floating barrier which will run across the Aegean Sea, implanted from the island of Lesvos. The proposal is a direct initiative to deter migrants from travelling to Greek islands by sea from Turkey in the hope of finding refuge […]

Comedy Fringe

Emily Ferrier: A Broad Abroad

“This is gonna feel a lot like a one-night stand,” begins Emily Ferrier, a perfect phrase to encapsulate Ferrier’s affectionate, yet no-holds-barred perspective on the world. Her Edinburgh Fringe debut, A Broad Abroad, is a highly original and massively impressive showcase of comedic talent from a fresh new female voice, championing the “ex-pat” spirit through […]


“We have a world, a future, to win!” Students across the UK march for lower fees and better rights

A national demonstration organised by the NUS and UCU took place in London on Saturday, 19 November.