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Poem of the week: Morgan Harper Nichols’ ‘Let July be July’

Morgan Harper Nichols’ 2019 poem ‘Let July be July’ successfully creates a bubble of serenity and security with words of encouragement from its first line, “Even here, you are growing” – a message that is most needed in uncertain times such as these. With Boris Johnson announcing dates leading to the return of a pre-coronavirus society, […]


Lockdown lessons: getting better at living in the moment

I am a person who holds onto things; past hurts, missed opportunities, sentimental mementos, failed friendships, lost loves… I cling onto all of these as if my current existence depends on remembering all my past experiences. But it has got to the point where, rather than using these memories as learning curves, they have become […]

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How do we stop doomscrolling and make social media a worthwhile experience?

The past year has felt like a weird and ironic mix of a dull haze of nothing, and time fleeting in a flash, and many have found themselves doomscrolling. Doomscrolling is choosing to dig through a selection of social media or news posts even though you are aware it is making you feel disheartened. Sound […]


Meditation and Mindfulness for Performers: A Workshop

Meditation (and mindfulness, its more secular form) is often viewed as something done by hippies, or a fad, a bit like kale smoothies or quinoa cakes. But, quite simply, it is really the practice of being present. It is about being here and now, exactly as we are, noticing ourselves, how we are feeling and our […]