Dance Fringe

Back of the Bus review

Back of The Bus is simultaneously everything and nothing like you would expect.  Choreographed and performed by the Java Dance Theatre from New Zealand, Back of The Bus bravely toys with what society envisions as ‘the performing stage’, to make room for a novel and more mobile kind of stage – that of a city […]

Dance Fringe Theatre

Who Is Daniel King review

Who Is Daniel King is a realistic depiction of a mid-life crisis, stitched up with a sensationally funny script and surprise in-the-face hip thrusts of male risk actuator Daniel King.  Written and performed by Ed Eales-White, an experienced actor featuring in Netflix TV show The Crown and Channel 4’s National Treasure, the play exhibits fantastic […]

Comedy Fringe

Neon Hangover review

Neon Hangover’s promising title suggests a show which carries on the classic theme of the morning after drunken nights before in one of Edinburgh’s most infamous yet beautifully eerie backstreets – the Cowgate. Upon entry into the venue though, all that can be felt is the foreshadowing of what will be a long hour.  Cowgate, […]


An evening with J. H. Elliot: Scots & Catalans, Nations without States

Professor Reglus Emiritus of Modern History at Oxford University, J.H. Elliott is a recently acclaimed author of Scots and Catalans: Union and Disunion, published last year. On the 18 February, Elliott delivered a lecture in the University of Edinburgh with speci c regards to his new publication, following an invite from the School of History, Classics […]