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Fringe 2022: A Time Traveller’s Guide to the Present Review

A Time Traveller’s Guide to the Present, if it were really used as a guide to the present, would be a very confusing one to say the least. Doug Harvey is ambitious in his attempt to incorporate multiple different characters, using multiple accents and position himself in multiple different time periods, and the show certainly […]

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Fringe 2022: Christian Brighty: Playboy Review

As a sweaty Lord Christian Brighty stumbles into the room, wide-eyed and hot from having just had an encounter with Naughty Susan, he stares at the audience and promptly proclaims that we are all ugly. Recounting a dubious back story involving chastity belts, a mysterious deformity and copious family wealth, Lord Brighty, a certified Playboy, […]

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Fringe 2022: Bella Hull: Babycakes Review

Bella Hull gets the audience interested and involved in the very first minute of the show, and from that point onwards there are many moments where it’s hard to forget that Bella Hull is not just one of your friends telling a hilarious story about their life. Hull’s Babycakes is a laugh-out-loud show, although not for the […]

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Fringe 2022: Alice Hawkins Review

Using a combination of original source material and personal anecdotes, Peter Barratt is able to encapsulate a packed room of people of all different ages, genders and walks of life, in a passionate account of his great-grandmother’s remarkable life story.  Alice Hawkins left school at thirteen and went to work in a Staffordshire boot factory, […]

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Fringe 2022: Dirty Laundry Review

Every student knows that finding a flat in Edinburgh can be hard, but nosing around other people’s homes in the flat touring process can almost make up for the dodgy landlords and mice that seem to haunt the streets of Marchmont. Well, I can bet that you’ve never been on a flat tour that exposes […]