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Review: Moonfall

Every so often, a major studio releases a picture of such shockingly low quality that everyone, from critics to mass audiences to industry professionals alike, reels in surprise. The most recent example of this was Cats (2019), known to many as the greatest horror film of the 21st century. Moonfall is the newest movie to […]


Breaking the glass ceiling: first woman to walk on the Moon

Since the first moon landing in 1969, twelve people have walked on the moon. All twelve have been men. But this is soon to change, thanks to NASA’s new programme Artemis, as a part of which a man and a woman will be sent to the surface of the Moon, the first humans to do […]

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Why does the far side of the moon matter so much to us?

Thursday 3 January was a remarkable day in scientific exploration as China’s Chang-e 4 probe made a historic touchdown by being the first man-made device to land on the far side of the moon. It’s been a particularly hard feat to achieve, owing to the fact that beyond a certain point, earth cannot directly communicate […]

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Chang’e 4 probe reaches the dark side of the moon

China successfully completed the world’s first landing on the far side of the Moon with Chang’e4, an unmanned space probe. It is undoubtedly a jubilant time for China’s space program but are there greater ramifications? Unfortunately for any fanciful Pink Floyd groupie or misguided Transformers fan, the sunny landing of China’s Chang’e 4 space probe on […]