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Hollywood’s Glamorisation of Serial Killers

On the 21st of September, Netflix released Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. It’s the latest output from the renowned producer Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story. Like the many seasons of AHS, Dahmer features Evan Peters in its leading role, this time playing Jeffrey Dahmer, the notorious serial killer of the […]

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EIFF 2022: Children of the Mist Review

There is a moment in Diem Ha Lee’s 2021 Documentary Children of the Mist where the camera lingers on a shot of the blossom on a tree for a while, and at that moment a sense of hesitation seems present. The camerawoman seems intent on finding, and staying close to, some mark of beauty amongst what has, […]


The hypocrisy and broken morals of porn consumers

Mia Khalifa, one of the world’s most famous porn actors, stated in a recent TV appearance “I was banned from the Middle East […] statistically, Muslim countries consume more porn than anyone else. The men who are yelling at me are the same men who are clicking on me.” In an Islamic country, with traditional […]