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The Joyful Challenge of Motherhood: Reviewing The Other Mother

I have always hated the idea of becoming a parent. The identity of motherhood is sometimes bound up with stereotypes of chatty boringness, a loss of self-identity, and continuous complaints. Those perceptions were challenged after reading Jen Brister’s The Other Mother.  The Other Mother deconstructs the romanticisation of motherhood, especially within a household that does […]


The Media Scrutiny Of Jennifer Aniston’s Fertility Struggles

It has recently been revealed by Jennifer Aniston in an Allure Magazine interview that she has struggled in the past with IVF fertility treatment and that ‘it was a really hard’[1] journey. However, now that Aniston has made it through that difficult time with ‘zero regrets’[2], she now feels ‘relief’[3], and so, decided to share this struggle with […]

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Lost Daughter

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Lost Daughter starring Olivia Coleman, Dakota Johnson and Jessie Buckley premiered on Netflix last month. The film, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s feature directorial debut, follows a college professor, Leda (Olivia Coleman), on her holiday to a Greek Island, who becomes obsessed with a young mother Nina (Dakota Johnson) and her daughter Elena, as well […]

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On Motherhood and Art

The representation of motherhood has a long-standing tradition: as Madonna cradles the infant Jesus and matronly figures stare sternly into the mid-distance. However, art history and the art world hold witness to far fewer examples of artists who are mothers themselves. The demands of motherhood have often been considered incompatible with an artist’s career. In […]

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Behind the Rose Tint

Last year, the UK spent £1.6 billion on Mother’s Day. On all the flower bouquets and pretty cards perfect for her. Obscured by this commercialised, rose-tinted celebration of Mother’s Day are the wider issues surrounding motherhood.  It is Mothering Sunday morning and we tell our mum it’s her one “day off” from all domestic tasks. […]

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Spilt Milk’s re : birth at St Margaret’s House

Situated slightly (and welcomingly) outside the environs of the Edinburgh university sphere, St Margaret’s house – a warren of offices, gallery space, and affordable studios – is nothing but an asset to the Meadowbank area, and a space where artistic ventures can be realised. For a short run from 28 September to 12 October, one such venture […]