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An Interview with the Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare in an hour. Sounds crazy, no? For the Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company (EUSC), however, it is a challenge which they are facing head on this Fringe with their interpretation of Much Ado About Nothing. Set in Sicily during the 1980s, this production is set to be a beautifully aesthetic and youthful version of a […]

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Much Ado About Nothing

It is typical for modern productions of Shakespeare to transport his plays from their original geographical and temporal contexts into a new place and time. Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company’s (EUSC) production of Much Ado About Nothing – the company’s first show at the Fringe in its ten-year history – keeps the original Sicilian setting of […]

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Women of the world: culture’s most heroic characters

Image courtesy of Toni Frissel.  While not many would dispute that, even by modern standards, the public and creative sphere is still a man’s world, there is no doubt that artistic representations of women throughout history have inspired and empowered movements toward gender equality. In honour of the recent passing of International Women’s Day, 2016, […]