Naga Munchetty was right to call out Trump’s racism

In a segment, broadcast on 17th July, the BBC news anchor Naga Munchetty passed comment on Trump telling four women of colour to ‘go back’ to ‘places from which they came’ on Twitter. On reading the story, she drew on her own experience, commenting, “Every time I have been told, as a woman of colour, […]


The BBC accused of non-transparency over handling of Naga Munchetty row

The treatment of BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty has sparked debate about transparency in how the broadcaster handles viewer complaints.  The row started on 17th July, when Ms Munchetty commented on a tweet by US president Donald Trump, in which he urged four congresswomen of colour to “go back” to “the totally broken and crime-infested […]