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Fringe 2022: Cordelia Butters Investigates Review

In the middle of the most recent spells of uncharacteristically Scottish heat when I perhaps would’ve been better off sunning myself on the Costa Del Forth. I instead found myself crammed into a tight, hot sweaty room at the top of The Counting House in Newington, perched on the end of a row of classroom […]

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For All I Care Review

For All I Care is an incredible exploration of what the NHS is – not the politics and workings of it, but the human component that it exists for. The one-person show, written by Alan Harris and directed by Jac Ifan Moore, stars the extraordinarily talented Hannah Daniel who carries the show in a moving […]

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Baby Reindeer Review

“It was just a cup of tea”, laments Richard Gadd. For him, the offer of a free cuppa was a small moment of empathy towards a lonely woman, but it ignited an intense obsession and unrestrained outreach which has haunted him for years. Baby Reindeer is Gadd’s autobiographical account of his stalker, how his act […]

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Student Spotlight: Like Drowning

‘What is the theatre of the future?’ wondered Camila McMoody. She, Sara Harvey and Penelope Hervouet were interested in experimental theatre and looking for a show to bring to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the summer of 2018. When they read an early draft of the script for Like Drowning, they were intrigued. Hervouet is […]

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A stylish and thought-provoking production, Thomas Eccleshare’s Heather explores the importance we find in storytelling, and how we judge the people who tell them. This two-person play tells the story of a children’s writer, Heather Eems, whose private life is dragged into the gaze of the public eye when her book becomes a sensational best-seller. […]