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New Year’s Resolutions: the Lifestyle editors give their thoughts

With the passing of another new year, the calls to reinvent and revise ourselves again appear in the form of resolutions. The notion of New Year’s Resolutions often provokes very disparate reactions from people. Either the response is one of dismissal, a feeling that resolutions are cliché and patronising, that they are useless attempts to […]

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The intriguing science behind keeping your New Year’s resolutions

The New Year has arrived, and for many, this marks the beginning of an annual quest for self-improvement. The permission to overindulge that Christmas brings has been packed away with the tree, and advertising campaigns have transitioned from celebrating Yule Logs and Baileys to pushing gym memberships and healthy eating plans. However, we know that […]


What is Hogmanay, and how can it be celebrated?

With the Christmas holidays looming, there is a palpable desire among students for their post-exam freedom. Yet though many return home, this free time is a great opportunity for the many students coming from the rest of Britain, Europe and further afield to participate in Scottish culture. Nowhere is this more observable than in the […]