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Blonde Soundtrack: a gorgeous score lends dignity to a disastrous film

Is it ethical to even watch Blonde? It is a dilemma that has scorched reception of the new three-hour Marilyn Monroe biopic, directed by Andrew Dominik and starring Ana De Armas. The uncomfortable tension between the film’s veneer of feminism and the misogynistic exploitation and voyeurism with which it treats its subject continues a pipeline […]

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Nick Cave: Mercy on Me

With his furrowed brow and black attire, Nick Cave’s appearance makes for appropriate caricature material in Reinhard Kleist’s graphic biography Mercy on Me. However, although successfully conveying Cave’s look, Kleist is ultimately unable to deliver anything more profound about the eclectic musician. Mercy on Me tracks Cave’s beginnings in small town Australia with The Birthday […]

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree

“Nothing really matters when the one you love is gone.” Music is an outlet for personal turmoil, an art that allows an individual to explore and seize their inner demons. Through Skeleton Tree, Nick Cave tackles personal grief and more, creating an eerily beautiful, deeply melancholic, 40 minutes of music. Despondency overwhelms the album: even […]