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International Women’s Day 2020: Female Foodies

For many, food is a prominent part of life; it’s your Mum’s best tatties at the Sunday roast, it’s the focaccia you’ve been recreating off Bon Appétit for months that has never – and let’s face it, will never – look like the photo, but it’s also the warm, crisp cookie your flatmate’s made after you’ve had […]

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Nigella Lawson at The Queen’s Hall on her book tour

Ms Lawson was in top form at The Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh last month on a book tour for the 20th anniversary of her debut cookbook, How to Eat. The pews and rafters brimmed with all-walks of buffs, aficionados, and amateur cooks, eager to revisit her culinary journey. However, it was this discussion of her […]