#NoExcuse: More than a campaign, a part of life

Content warning: sexual harassment  Anyone reading this most likely knows about the Edinburgh University Students’ Association anti-sexual harassment campaign, #NoExcuse. Posters are up everywhere, there are reminders about it and related events in bulk emails sent to all students and your peers will possibly have mentioned it in passing. In some ways, with the heavy […]


The Students’ Association’s #NoExcuse campaign is a step forward

Content Warning: Mentions Sexual Assault Edinburgh University Students’ Association has begun the academic year with a brand-new campaign against sexual harassment and violence on campus, named #NoExcuse. It aims to “ensure those who have experienced sexual harassment and violence feel supported, and that people who witness harassment taking place feel confident to challenge it”. Picking […]


The Consent Collective starts conversations in Edinburgh

Content warning: sexual violence and survivors’ help This past week, the University of Edinburgh welcomed The Consent Collective as part of their commitment to tackling sexual and gender-based violence, in conjunction with the #NoExcuse campaign. The non-profit organisation hosted a series of events at the university to help students and staff to discuss sexual harassment, […]