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Is the North Sea’s final decade of use as an oil and gas resource?

In the wake of the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014, remain voters indulged in the sweet I-told-you-so once the price of Brent Crude began to plummet. The North Sea was thought to have provided Scotland with an instrument of economic sovereignty, but with oil prices falling by a delta of over 50 per cent, a […]

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Will reigning in oil and gas companies save the North Sea?

The North Sea is getting oily. And it is not just because of the recent oil spill at Clair Oil Rig, which released 95 tonnes of oil into the North Sea. According to a recent survey from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), accidental releases of oil and chemicals in the North Sea are at […]

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Five sperm whales washed up on England’s east coast

Five sperm whales have been found washed up on the east coast of England, and their deaths point to a worrying trend: beachings such as these are on the rise. The young males were discovered at Wainfleet, Skegness and Hunstanton; some scientists have suggested that confusion or hunger forced them to make a wrong turn […]