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You are what you eat – vitamin supplements aren’t the solution

For several decades vitamin supplements have been praised as a miracle cure against anything and everything. Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling was one of the pioneers to follow his manifested belief that vitamin supplements in high doses would protect the human body against all kinds of illness. This theory, published in 1970, has long since […]

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Why we should all be eating more bugs

When I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here comes onto our screens each November, millions across the UK watch through their fingers as the camp mates are forced to eat spiders, mealworms and witchetty grubs. There is a collective shriek as the celebs gag and retch whilst Dec offers some encouraging words of advice […]


Teach children to cook and they’ll learn the value of nutrition

In 2012, a girl from Bristol moved to the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, with no plan and little idea of what lay ahead. Alicia Amende, a business and marketing graduate from Oxford Brookes, initially filled her time volunteering at various charities. Whilst working at a children’s event for the Education, Technology and Food charity […]