Five Ways OCD Affects Me

I was inspired to write about some of my experiences with OCD for the first time in the hope that my account can offer some solace to others who experience OCD and provide an insight into the experience to those who do not. Five ways that OCD has affected me: 1. Stressful checking compulsions:  When […]


The Covid-19 pandemic is desperately worsening our mental health crises

CW: suicide There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated into a mental health pandemic. With the pervasiveness and uncertainty of coronavirus comes psychological and physical effects, fuelling anxieties and intensifying existing disorders. The virus can only worsen mental stability, as any individual can catch the infection. The dichotomy between the increase in […]

Fringe Theatre


What if you believed that counting was the only thing keeping your family safe? And what happens when you lose that control? Directed by Peter Taylor and produced by Some Riot Theatre, WEIRD tells the story of Yasmin, a young woman suffering the effects of obsessive compulsive disorder. WEIRD is a compelling and honest exploration of how […]


OCD sufferers may struggle more with coping strategies

A new study has shown that those suffering from obsessive compulsive Disorder (OCD) may struggle to cope with their diagnosis more than those with other mental illnesses. OCD is a complex psychological condition and is often characterised by two main parts: obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are persistent thoughts, urges or worries that create high levels […]