OK Boomer – is it time to stop this meme?

It’s war; generation Z vs baby boomers. Littering the internet is the frivolous use of the phrase “OK, boomer” as a means to belittle and criticise members of the older generation (1946 to 1964, to be exact). Avid users of twitter will have come across the meme countless times by now as this is where most young people […]


This week in history: the introduction of ‘OK’ into national vernacular

On 23 March, 1839, the term ‘OK’ was published in the Boston Morning Press. We may not usually think about the words we use in everyday conversation, but before ‘OK’ was added into the standard vernacular, what did we use instead? As Allan Metcalf points out in the February 2011 BBC News Magazine: ‘’OK’ is […]