Oscar Nominations 2021: A Year of Firsts

The past year has by no means been easy. As a society we have been asked to stay at home, witnessed injustice, protested and seen governments change, all whilst trying to tackle an international pandemic. However, the film industry has also seen a lot of change, which is evident in this year’s Academy Award nominees. […]


The Crown

Netflix’s lavish and highly anticipated third season of ‘The Crown’ dropped in full on Sunday, adding yet more fuel to the fire that currently is conversation regarding the British royal family. An obvious talking point was the shift from the original cast, led by the excellent Claire Foy and Matt Smith, to a slightly older, […]

Film Reviews

The Favourite

There’s one scene in Yorgos Lanthimos’s The Favourite that rises above the impulses and practices of his hip nihilism, and shows something worth looking at and thinking about. A candlelit hall is the setting, dark as pitch with suggestions of golden flames and bright, made- up faces, who are attending a dance. The Duchess of Marlborough, […]