Live Review: Kris Drever intimately tells everyday stories to a transfixed crowd at La Belle Angele

The most striking thing about entering La Belle Angele is silence. Venue staff stretch towards you as much as possible across the bartop, lest they disturb anyone nearby. This comes as Kris Drever commands incredible focus from the audience. Rows of chairs are filled all the way from the stage to the bar at the […]


Incoming Disabled Students’ Liberation Officer: Ellen Blunsdon

Ellen Blundson is the newly elected and incoming Disabled Students’ Officer for 2019-2020. The Student was able to discuss her ideas for the upcoming year with her. The conversation started with an overview of her plans for the year ahead. Ellen’s manifesto included seven major points and she said that she had started campaigning on […]


Sober halls are not the answer to combat unhealthy drinking habits

A study by UCL has found that more than one in five of students are teetotal. The NUS has suggested that increasing student debt, alongside the high cost of drinking itself, has in part been responsible for this trend. Certainly universities should seek to ensure that social life on campus is accessible for this demographic. […]

Comment Student Experience

Personal experience: new university proposal will cause harm

The University of Edinburgh is attempting to implement a proposal which would enable a panel to force students to take interruptions to their studies if deemed necessary for mental health reasons. This epitomises everything that is wrong with the university’s approach to mental health. Currently, students can choose to ask for some time away from […]

Live Music

Kitty Macfarlane warms hearts on a dreich Edinburgh night

The most noticeable thing when descending the steps to Brig Below, the underground venue attached to Bar Brig on Leith Walk, was the constant dripping of water in front of the stage. In spite of the weather and minor flooding, the venue was full of people, eagerly seated around circular tables: they had come to […]