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Behind the Overground curtain: in conversation with Wrisk

The whole entourage sat about 20-deep at a table in Checkpoint, drinking overpriced, delicious beers out of chilled mugs, gentle house pulsing throughout the room. The dinner was to celebrate one year of the Overground club night, and also to host the only non-vicenarian, and most-wizardly looking at the table, Danny Wolfers, alias Legowelt. Next […]

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Overground Presents Mall Grab at the Mash House

I heard plenty of stories from the last time Mall Grab came to Edinburgh. It was the Scottish debut for a fast-rising DJ who combined the whimsical sensibilities of disco, hip-hop, and a Simpsonsian sense of irony with the introspective seriousness of lo-fi tech house. People laughed, people cried. Some jotted down every single track […]