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Fringe 2022: Blueballs Review

Blueballs is a multi-layered, gripping, and intelligent play that is a convincing feminist rendition of the tale Bluebeard for our times.

Looking back at a semester of Theatre

Quality theatre is never hard to find in Edinburgh. Whilst excellent professional productions frequently grace Edinburgh’s many charming stages, our editorial endeavour over the past months has been to nudge…


Walking down the alley to Summerhall’s theatre, the eyes of Pomona’s protagonist bore into spectators searching for the theatre door as they unknowingly enter the dystopian world of Alistair McDowell’s…

An Interview with: Paradok

The alternative, physical theatre society, Paradok, is returning to Edinburgh’s mainstream theatre scene this year with an exciting array of upcoming events. Keen to change perspectives on physical theatre, Maddie…

The Nether

Tucked away above the trendy Bistro Place restaurant, Checkpoint, Theatre Paradok’s most recent production, The Nether, is leaving audiences both haunted and intrigued. In our current world, rapid technological advancements…