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  • Paris nudist beaches contradict France’s attitude to women

Paris nudist beaches contradict France’s attitude to women

Paris, that well-known city of freedom. Vive la révolution! L’Arc de Triomphe! Anyone who knows the ‘city of love’ or has seen Les Miserables will know that Paris is an…

The power of social media and music in times of trouble

Friday 13 November 2015 will forever be a date scarred into the memory of countless people worldwide due to the traumatic events that took place in Paris. This unquantifiable number…

Edinburgh University is not exempt from Islamophobia

“Yesterday, one of my lecturers suggested we hold a minute of silence for those who died in the Paris attacks and announced that anyone who is uncomfortable with this may…

Paris Metro incident highlights grotesque underbelly of beautiful game

Perhaps it seems the natural response of many a supporter, when confronted by the appalling footage of Chelsea fans hurling racial abuse at a black man while preventing him from…

McCarthy’s most controversial ‘Christmas tree’

Is its popularity with the media purely a kind of childish desire to use the word ‘Butt Plug’ in pseudo-intellectual conversation?