Why I hate Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The season of tacky decorations slapping you in the face every time you walk through a shop door; low-budget hallmark rom-coms clogging up the TV guide for weeks on end; and adverts bombarding us with enough reminders that even the most absent-minded of boyfriends […]

Culture Literature

Authors uncovered: Charlotte Dacre

Women are heinous, devilish creatures who possess “an unshrinking relentless soul” – or at least that is what is dictated by Charlotte Dacre in her famed novel of 1806, Zofloya; or, the Moor.  Set in late fifteenth century Venice, Zofloya; or, the Moor tells the tale of Victoria Loredani, villainess and entitled daughter of the Duke and Duchess […]

Lifestyle Wellbeing

Gaslighting: how it affects women

CW: assault, rape, emotional abuse If you are a woman, I’m sure at some point in your life you have been told that you are being too dramatic, too emotional, or too sensitive. This kind of language is a part of a society-wide psychological manipulation that frequently targets women, otherwise known as gaslighting.  Gaslighting is […]


The Female Image

A consideration of Emily Ratajkowski’s essay for Harper’s Bazaar… Model, actor and activist, Emily Ratajkowski is no stranger to the discussion of feminism and body positivity, despite receiving controversial opinions. In her 2019 essay for Harper Bazaar, Ratajkowski writes a personal account of her experience of being a woman in an ever-changing society that fears […]


Menstruation: Let’s talk about it

Judy Grahn, an American poet, wrote: “Menstrual Blood is the only blood that is not traumatically induced. Yet in modern society, this is the most hidden blood, the one so rarely spoken about and almost never seen…”. Menstruation stigma is a form of sexism. With negative taboos surrounding us, society has understood menstruation to be […]

Art Culture

Only Nothing at Rhubaba

The built-up grey structures of Rhubaba gallery, accompanied by a faint hum of voices, creates an atmosphere of importance and reflection. This feeling is infused within every piece displayed at the recently-opened Only Nothing exhibition which aims to open attendees’ eyes to labour in art, especially the struggle of women and their community within the […]